Int. – Destroyed Room – Morning


In a dusty and humble house, we see a glass of milk over the table next by a half eaten sandwich. An explosion makes waves appear on the milk. A stronger explosion makes the glass fall on the ground. The camera follows the fall and reveals a 7 year old boy hidden under the table. The boy is with his hands over his ears, shacking and scared while bombs continue to explode outside. 

New noises burst our of machine guns and soldiers, they are coming closer and closer.

The boy squeezes his eyes shutter and cringe even more. Shadows of the soldiers are projected on the boy under the table, they are running and shooting everywhere outside the house.


Suddenly a deadly silent pairs on the air. There is no more explosions, shots or any soldiers movement at all. 


The boy, still very frightened, opens his eye and gradually relaxed, getting his hands out of his ears. He then gets out of the bottom of the table and crawl throw the spilled milk, getting up and trying to figure out what is happening out there. 


Walking to the window, the boy peek out of a window gap and get suspicious of what he sees. He then heads up slowly to the door and opens it very carefully.

Ext. – War Zone – Morning

Right behind an exploded and burning car smoke and the fog that covers the whole atmosphere, we see the boy's face sneaking out of a door. After feeling secure that it wouldn't have more shots, the boy steps out of his house. 


Other kids start to get out of their own houses and to observe what looks like something very uncommon.

The boy stops by a tall shadow, a soldier's shadow. He observes it agains the sun light. 

The soldier is in a sort of trance. All the soldiers seem to be in this trance.  

The boy, carefully touches the soldier, whom continues in this trance. 


He smiles and shares the joy with the other kids. Everybody seems to enjoy that phenomena. 

One of the other kids appears with a soccer ball e all the children starts playing, in between the fog, the smoke, their houses' ruins  and the trance soldiers.

The camera gets further away in a traveling out leaving behind the joy of the children playing among the war zone and it's trails of destruction.

The camera passes by a last soldier in trance before getting out of a war video game in pause. 


Int. – Room – Morning


In a middle class child's room, the camera continues to traveling out, now from a TV screen

with abandoned joysticks on the floor, the soldiers are in pause. We see the video game over a little table, by it's side a empty glass and an plate filled only with crumbles. 


The camera continues the traveling out to reveal the joysticks over empty chairs, we see the rooms bed and the window. We can hear joyful children playing sounds.


Ext. – Backyard – Morning


The camera is still traveling out and we reveal 7 year old middle class kids, playing soccer on a backyard.

Text on Screen

Play for them

Omo. Dirt is good.




The idea is to produce an impacting piece. 

Our intent is to make the audience feel they are out of their comfort zone on the first half of the movie.

We intent to achieve an intimate mood, as suggested by the script, by the child's point of view. 

In order to bring the audience closer to the universe, we will show a tense war scene with a kid alone, isolated and confused. 

Our inspiration bellow illustrates how closeness to the child's face can bring us right there with her, in her life and in her mind.


The war suddenly ceases fire, no more explosions or screams. Silence evades our war zone and we follow it by the child's eyes. 


How can we show our war on "pause"?

The ideia isn't freeze our soldiers, but let them in a rest state. 

They are like actors in stand by, waiting for the action. They don't speak, shoot or change places, but they breathe and blink.

From fear to fun, other children start to show up. After understanding that the war is over, they get to be kids again. Now they can smile, have fun and play together again. 



The camera does a traveling out till it gets out of inside a television screen. We see that the war actually was a videogame on pause inside this TV, totally abandoned by its players. We continue traveling out of our scene and we see, outside the room window, a dozen of kids playing soccer on the backyard.


Now the short film changes the game. We enter in an "Omo world": full of joy, the good dirt.


Our crew is very compelled by this project and is willing to work as our partners with almost zero costs. We will have basic expenses like catering, logistics, casting and other items so the short film can be produced with fitting production design and effects.


27.573,00 EUR


Worldwide Rights for 12 months - all electronic medias.


La Sangre believes in this project deeply. Our goal is to touch people and bring their attention to this matter. OMO is a very compatible brand and having it supporting this project is major. It will be an honor to produce it together.